How It Works

How would it make you feel if you could receive a message from someone you lost years ago?

Leave birthday wishes for every birthday for years to come, say the stuff you didn't get a chance to say, be there for their graduation 20 years from now, leave a will -- for your loved ones or anyone else, the message gets delivered on the date and time you specify. Until then it lives on in our secure servers safely. Here's how it all works.



If you still have questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

Our Brand Promise

Your Messages are Safe

Your messages live on our secure servers and are 256-bit encrypted. They are safe and only viewable by you and the person they are meant for. We continue to increase the security to ensure it stays that way.

Getting better with time

You are our inspiration, continue to tell us how we can do this better and we will. That's a promise.

Deliver Forever

We win every time we deliver your message to someone you want to. Your messages are safe with us, even if they are scheduled to be delivered 50 years from now. You have done your job when you wrote a message, we will do ours by delivering it on time.


Based in San Francisco, Untyme is helping millions communicate with the loved ones and others, not just today but in future when they may not be around.


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