Untyme is here for you

Take time out of the equation. Tell them what you need to say now. We'll deliver it for you exactly when you want, even if it's years from now.

Based in San Francisco, Untyme team came together to ensure we are able to say what we want to say to whomever you want to say it to without worrying about not being able to deliver in time.

We deliver your messages in future and ensure they only get delivered to the intended person exactly when you wanted to. Whether you are looking for an old friend, creating a will, wishing birthdays and other events, now or many years for now. Untyme takes out the unpredictability of time to deliver every time.

All your messages are encrypted (256 bit) and can only be read by the person you send them to.


Based in San Francisco, Untyme is helping millions communicate with the loved ones and others, not just today but in future when they may not be around.


San Francisco

  (317) 674-3170

  [email protected]

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