To find out if someone has left you a message, just search for your name. It's that simple!

To leave a message for someone, sign up. its FREE!

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To read a private message, answer the security questions the sender specified. You can directly open the public messages.

To leave a message to someone, follow the prompts on the "Create Message" page. You can choose to send anonymously too.


Once you have "claimed" the message. Feel free to respond to the message, even when it was sent anonymously.

Be sure to create the security questions that you're sure your receiver can answer correctly. You can include pictures, hand-written notes and videos.


Remember, you can choose to send a message now or any time in future, days, months or years. We'll make sure it gets delivered.

Keep an eye out on the email from Untyme for new messages for you. Be sure to mark safe in your inbox, so our emails don't land in your spam folder.


How would it make you feel if you received a message from someone you lost years ago?
You can do that now for your kids, grand kids, friends, loved ones and others. Leave a future message now.

Leave birthday wishes for every birthday for years to come, say the stuff you didn't get a chance to say, be there for their graduation 20 years from now, leave a will -- for your loved ones or anyone else, the message gets delivered on the date and time you specify. Until then it lives on in our secure servers safely. Choose if you would want that message to be sent anonymously. You can still respond to it and know if they have read it. Decide if the message is sent once or recurs daily, weekly or yearly. You can choose to send a pulse message which is only released if we stop receiving pulse from you. You can make any of your messages public or send them privately to someone. Secure private messages with security questions that only the receiver would know the answer to.

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During these uncertain times, Untyme wants to make sure all of us can reliably leave messages for the loved ones while we ride this out. We are making alliances with affected communities and organizations to make sure everyone has access.

How to Claim a Message
Mar 9, 2020 11:37 PM


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