Skipfour and Tech Inception announce strategic partnership

August 14, 2023: Skipfour and Tech Inception Inc. signed a strategic partnership agreement to bring to the geriatric and hospice communities that Tech Inception's subsidiaries Spectrum Pharmacy Solutions LLC and TIB Pharmacy LLC serve in all 50 states., a Skipfour product, allows creating messages in the future that are delivered on the scheduled date and time of choice. It allows the users to communicate with friends and family for years to come. This service fulfills an innate desire to communicate with loved ones in the future when tangible connection ceases to exist for good -- an undeniable reality of every living being. A message delivered by Untyme can potentially aid in the healing of scar caused by departure of a loved one.

As the technology landscape evolves around us, we have managed to solve many problems to better our lives. Typically, the span of the benefits from technology stretches only as far as our life, it does not offer anything beyond that. But can it?, a groundbreaking technology that allows one to keep communicating with the loved ones and others beyond one’s life span. Imagine getting a personal note or a birthday wish from someone you lost years ago. Or imagine getting a message from a long lost friend and then being able to catch up. Imagine being able to wish your kids birthday for the next 50 years, on the right date, at the right time. Imagine writing a will and having it delivered exactly when you need to. The possibilities are endless.

For the geriatric and hospice communities, Untyme offers the patients the ability to communicate reliably with their loved ones for any number of years. The thoughts of not being able to be there for special occasions for the friends and family cause anxiety and for some clinical depression. Untyme lets them say things that may have been left unsaid. It alleviates anxiety which can potentially reduce depression and the cost of care. Untyme delivers all of those messages when one’s not around to do so themself. With Tech Inception’s reach across the country to the geriatric and hospice communities, both of these companies working together can make a real difference in improving wellness for these communities and their families

Tech Inception, a technology start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area, has established three platforms for geriatric care: a pharmacy, a PBM, and a hospice - all enhanced by and stitched together with the state-of-the-art technology. “When it comes to service sets for our geriatric patients, pushing the envelope of excellence ever further is what keeps us motivated and energized” said Naweed Muhammad, the co-founder and CEO of Tech Inception. “We saw a goodness-of-fit with Untyme, and to join forces seemed only natural. Our Spectrum and TIB platforms are perfect conduits to introduce this service to the right end-users and we are excited about the possibilities this partnership can lead to”. 

Skipfour, a technology company headquartered in California, offers software services and products, Untyme being one of the products recently launched. “Untyme’s story is a personal one. It is as much a wellness tool for the geriatric and hospice communities as it is for their families”, said Atique Khan, CEO at Skipfour. “We are proud to be partnering with Tech Inception and having this amazing opportunity to serve these communities across the country. With the recent launch of, this partnership is not just a validation of this technology but a reaffirmation of the spirit that shaped this product.”


Based in San Francisco, Untyme is helping millions communicate with the loved ones and others, not just today but in future when they may not be around.


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